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MyPHPRealEstate is a powerfull real eastate software. Easy real estate property listing with images and videos by sellers, quick and easy search by buyers, instant property buyer - seller commuication; and many other easy to use features make MyPHPRealEstate Software stand out from the rest of its competitors.
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MyPHPRealEstate The ultimate online property listing and search software

Do you have a question regarding your online real estate software or are you having a technical problem? We are here to assist you in any way you need.

If you would like to take advantage of our free installation, or have a technical question, please contact our Support team.

SCRIPT SUPPORT - You receive 1 free install for scripts bought on this website, for updates or if you edit the script and need our support, you can purchase our premium script support service below. We support all scripts that we sell on our site. Script support service is based on one hour time minimum.

SCRIPT SUPPORT INCLUDES: solving problems with scripts you or anybody else installed, answers to queries about how to fix your errors in scripts you modified, explaining problems, advice for developers with script features you might have or want and so on.

1 Hour support - $10 - 2 Hours support- $15 - 3 Hours support- $20 or $40 per day. For developers with more than 10 days work $35 per day.

Pre-payment is required.